Learn Iraqi Arabic Online
Learning Arabic Re-invented. 

Do you want to learn Iraqi Arabic? Looking for a skilled native speakers to tutor and teach you the language and the dialect?

Write, Read, and Speak Iraq Arabic in a few months. This is not as hard as it may sound.

Iraq Arabic is a subdivision of ArabicABC.com, a California based e-learning center focusing on teaching Arabic and its dialects to the non Arabic speakers around the globe.

The methodology is innovative and the classes are for all levels and ages. Some of the features are:

  • One and one and group classes
  • On-Demand topics
  • Virtual white board technology
  • Cutting edge e-learning applications (All web based so you don't need to install anything)
  • Real teachers. All college graduated and fluent in at least 3 languages
  • Free materials included (flash books, videos, audio pod-casts, and more)
  • Affordable study abroad programs
  • Much more!

Give it a try!

The Magic Box 2.0 is released!